Pentest Setup

This is my Kali setup script and zsh aliases:
GitHub - ret2basic/Pentest-Setup: Kali setup script and zsh aliases
Pentest Setup
Some commands in will utilize my customized aliases, such as nmapall and john-rockyou.

OSCP Exam and Lab Report Template

I recommend the Microsoft Word template by whoisflynn:
GitHub - whoisflynn/OSCP-Exam-Report-Template: Modified template for the OSCP Exam and Labs. Used during my passing attempt
OSCP Exam Report Template
I like Word templates better than Markdown templates since the size of the screenshots can be adjusted freely.

eLearnSecurity Exam Report Template

Here is a real-world pentest report Word template:
GitHub - hmaverickadams/TCM-Security-Sample-Pentest-Report: Sample pentest report provided by TCM Security
TCM Security Sample Pentest Report
It is good for eLearnSecurity eCPPT(X) and eWPT(X).